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Alanya a city in the southern part of Turkey which is fast becoming very cosmopolitan but also retaining many things from days gone by.Alanya castle and ruins museums and the old harbour to name but a few.When you visit the surrounding villages and mountains on the out skirts of A lanya you will find it is like stepping back in tıme.Here Turkish cultures dress and lifestyles are totally unchanged and residents go about their daily business of farming bread making and hand crafts.

When the nature dealt out beauties, Alanya has gotton its share extremely.Alanya is one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean sea. The kilometres long beach is generally sandy. İn many places is sand so fine it doesn't stick on body... Just after The Mediterranean sea which turns to blue-turquoise color near to Alanya,rise the West-Taures mountains. The Taurus Mountains create a quite different world with its pine and cedar trees, its streaming rivers from the top and its valleys.When the oranges blossom, whole the city smells like musk: whole year colorful flowers adorn paths, relaxes your eyes and spirit.You can find caves in Alanya eigther in land or in sea; they are fascinating, mystical and healing...And sun is living...Alanya is the place where the sun smiles to you.


Visitors to Turkey are often pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the Turkish people, who will go out of their way to assist and happily spend time chatting. Hospitality is a cornerstone of Turkish culture, and Turks believe that visitors should be treated as Guests sent by God.

Dont dream your life Live it .