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Buying Process


Buying Process The buying process in Turkey has become much more sımpler in the last few years . Foreigners can now buy property in their own name.

The steps to buying are as follows

After you have decıded to buy and signed the sales contract we will ask for deposit of between 3000 and 5000 euros.The balance can be paid when you go back to your country.

You are required to get a tax number and open bank account as this the easiest way of transfering money into and out of Turkey.This also allows you to arrange standing orders for future payment of utılity bills eg water electric insurance.

You will need copies of passports of whoevers name you want on title deeds (Tapu) also 2 passport size photos per person.This enables us to start the legal paperwork.

A certified translator is required by law to ensure you understand what you are agreeing to and signing.Fee for translator is 50 euros.

Your passport copies tapu and all paperwork will then be sent to Army Headquarters in Izmir for checking that the property is not within a millitary zone.This is standard policy regarding all properties in Turkey.This process takes between 6\8 weeks and at this stage you will be required to pay expenses such as taxes legal fees and agents fee.This amount is roughly about 2-3% of total cost.

To finalise the sale if you are not in Turkey at the time you can give power of attorney to a solicitor at an approximate cost of 1% of property value or you can give power of attorney to Asilturkhomes which will cost between 100 and 150 euros.

When all paperwork is finalised we will transfer the tapu to your name.We will notify you as soon as this is confirmed.

Asilturkhomes endeavours to help you through each step and is dedicated to making everything as simple as we can to make your purchase a pleasant experience.

E-Mail us if you have any questions at all

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